Individualized Training Program ITP

Individualized Training Program ITP

In today’s game the factor of limited ice time reduces the top level coaches’ ability to spend neccessary amounts of time on meeting the individual training demands of players. In most cases coaches are focused on improving their team as a whole. Players are often placed only in situations that hide their weaknesses in order to facilitate team success. The ITP program analyzes and confers with the player and his coach to identify these weaknesses and improve them.

The ITP Program is designed for players who are at the AAA or Junior level and is geared for players 12 years of age and older. This is an extremely intense program and all players must show up in top physical condition.

The ITP program was designed by HDI to meet the demands of players who:

a) Want to improve aspects of their game which are deficient and regular team practice during the year does not allow time for.
b) Want to improve their game and physical condition in order to become a more dominant/confident player in their tryouts or upcoming season.

The program involves the following:
       A matchup with professional coach for all skill/skating work on the ice
       Daily personal skill training on the ice (3 sessions per day)
       Daily small group sessions on the ice
       Daily Strength and Conditioning with a Professional Strength Coach
e)       Written feedback and advice for on ice improvement
f)        Specialized sport specific testing and comprehensive results 

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Information Analysis- All players attending are encourage to submit Video clips of a league game, for our staff to analyze. We will also contact you after the camp to help isolate deficient skill areas in order to complete your individual training plan.

Dates for our 2020 ITP program in Europe are May 25.-28 (to operate in the Czech Republic). Please note that this program is by invitation only.


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