Hockey Development International

Hockey Development International is an organization founded in 2002.  It is and always will be the goal of HDI to expose North American players to a developmental opportunity, in a country known for a superior youth development system. HDI currently operates offices both in Canada and Europe. HDI is regarded as one of Canada’s premier developmental programs for players below the junior category.
Since 2006 H.D.I. has extended it’s activities to include an individualized training program (ITP). It operates every summer in the Czech Republic and Canada.It is a fact that there are currently 60 – 65 NHL players from the Czech Republic; a country of only ten million people, with approximately the same amount of male minor hockey players as Saskatchewan.
Many of these players fall into the elite top 20 overall NHL players. This is no mistake, simply a product of professional deliberate coaching, emphasizing very specific and trainable factors combined with the value of hard work.Our elite teams engage in:

  • Daily on and off ice training with Professional Czech coaches
  • Games with the top extra league teams
  • The Annual Czech International Invitational Tournament
  • Educational and touristic experiences

Attention: Players and Parents

Every year HDI forms team “Western Canadian Selects,” composed of truly selected players in the Minor Bantam category (for our 2020 developmental tour 2006 – 2007 born players). If you think you have what it takes to play on the Western Selects and have not yet been scouted by us, please email us. We will contact you and send a scout to view one of your games.

Every summer HDI operates an Individualized Training Program (ITP). You may find more information about the ITP program under Individualized Training.

Attention: Managers and Team Organizers

We do arrange customized tours for teams that wish to travel to Europe at any time of the year, please contact HDI for further information at .